Observe, Photograph, Share Nature

Posted by yosecormier on 6 May 2021

This May, promote and explore the biodiversity of parks and protected areas by taking part in the BackyardBio campaign.

Inspired by #NatureForAll, this campaign spearheaded by Canadian NGO Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants with global partners aims to provide an easy, fun and engaging experience that will inspire people around the world to learn more, get excited about the natural world and want to take action to make a positive difference for conservation.

And check out all the various resources available right here on the Discovery Zone that can help you get out and explore!

#NatureForAll: IUCN celebrates nature worldwide through an inspiring new video and innovative card game

Posted by yosecormier on 1 Oct 2020

IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) and World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA), through the #NatureForAll global movement, are celebrating nature and drawing attention to the importance of biodiversity worldwide, with an inspiring new video and an exciting card game on conservation.

Through beautiful images of species and landscapes, the Love #NatureForAll video sends a positive message in more than 30 languages to audiences worldwide - “We can choose a new path.” Sean Southey, Chair of the CEC, released the video, saying,

“It is a love letter to all of us for and about our planet. With this video, we are choosing a new path to nature conservation, one guided by love and inspired by nature.”

Nancy Colleton, who produced the video on behalf of CEC and serves as President of the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (Arlington, Virginia, USA) added,

“Even in these times of pandemics, wildfires, and climate change, nature not only protects us but gives us optimism and strength.  This is a reminder of the importance of biodiversity.”

Translated into more than 30 languages by CEC volunteers, and launched on the occasion of the 100th meeting of the IUCN Council, Love #NatureForAll is the third in a series of videos aimed at motivating people to connect with nature. 

The #NatureForAll Trivia Game is being released in celebration of WCPA’s 60th Anniversary.  Kathy MacKinnon, Chair of the WCPA, notes,

“I cannot think of a better way to mark WCPA’s 60th Anniversary than to educate people worldwide about parks and protected areas.”

The #NatureForAll Trivia Game is comprised of 77 cards from seven different categories, including general information, biodiversity, geography, conservation heroes, science and technology, current events, and social science. Available in English, French, and Spanish, the game is intended for all audiences and can be played most anywhere. An electronic version will be also available in the near future thanks to the generosity of Parks Canada.

The dual launch of the Love #NatureForAll video and #NatureForAll Trivia Game also serves as an important catalyst for upcoming One Nature One Future Global Youth Summit, which will be conducted virtually and in-person as part of the 2020 IUCN World Conservation Congress.

The Global Youth Summit will celebrate the efforts and leadership of young conservationists, strengthen connections between young leaders and their existing global networks, encourage interdisciplinary learning, provide a space for broader storytelling on conservation, and add further momentum to the growing youth movements for nature and climate.

Take action, join the adventure with #BackyardBio

Posted by yosecormier on 21 Aug 2020

The organisation Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants is encouraging students to explore the biodiversity around them and realize that they can play a role in protecting it with #BackyardBio. The school year for many students around the world is and will be different than in years past: some will be in the classroom, some will be at home, others still will be doing a hybrid of some sort. What all students can do is get excited about the natural world, explore it, learn more about it and share their discoveries with students everywhere.

Find out more and register today to begin exploring biodiversity and sharing it with other students around the world.

Welcome to The #NatureForAll Discovery Zone

Posted by yosecormier on 26 Jun 2020

As we adapt to a new shared reality because of the COVID-19 pandemic – punctuated by physical distancing rules, self-isolation and homeschooling – connecting with and experiencing nature may be difficult.

However, research shows that contact with nature has significant personal and societal health and well-being benefits. Our connections with nature also influence the way we behave. 

This multi-lingual, fully-searchable database of curated resources from #NatureForAll partners, IUCN Commission members, programs, and other collaborating organisations aims to help make and maintain those connections with nature.

This new, interactive platform provides resources that can be used by anyone looking to help connect people with nature or experience nature wherever they may be.

The Discovery Zone features links to materials that help individuals, children and families to experience and learn about nature, from their balconies, to urban parks, protected areas or virtually.

There are resources in multiple languages and formats, such as games, curriculum, reading material and videos.

How to navigate the Discovery Zone

Posted by yosecormier on 22 Jun 2020

#NatureForAll teamed up with Parks Canada and their Youth Ambassadors to guide you through the Discovery Zone.

Check out the tutorial video below

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day - Canada

Posted by yosecormier on 19 Jun 2020

As Canadians celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21, #NatureForAll has compiled a number of resources and blog posts that can help you learn more about how Indigenous people and Canadian organisations are connecting with nature and ensuring its conservation.

Check out the #NatureForAll blog for stories from Indigenous Guardians.

Listen to Indigenous Guardians from across the country talk about their work on the land and what inspires them to do it in this Indigenous Leadership Initiative video titled Honouring the Land.

Listen to Indigenous Guardians describe what their work means for their communities—better conserved lands, stronger ties to culture, healthier people—and for planet in this Indigenous Leadership Initiative video titled Caring for the Land.

Learn about Indigenous Guardians with Land Needs Guardians.

Learn about Indigenous perspectives through this Ocean School content, which was created with Indigenous artists, Elders, producers, and educators in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and British Columbia.

Read about the People of the Boreal in this story from the Indigenous Leadership Initiative.

Explore how Parks Canada collaborates with Indigenous partners and communities to continue the journey towards reconciliation and protect nature together.

World Oceans Week

Posted by yosecormier on 9 Jun 2020

Celebrate World Oceans Week and #GoOceanBlue. Check out a number of activities on our calendar of events


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