About the Discovery Zone

The #NatureForAll Discovery Zone is a place where people can find ways to connect with or experience nature, whether its from their homes, on the balconies, in their backyard, in urban parks, in protected areas or virtually.

It offers a searchable database of links to resources and materials from #NatureForAll partners as well as members of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).  These resources come in multiple languages and formats, such as games, curriculums, lesson plans, virtual tours and videos.

In addition, a calendar of events provides opportunities to connect and learn virtually or find out about local, regional, national and even international events coming up, all aimed at connecting with, learning about and experiencing nature.

There is also a free, always open chat room available for partners to organize meetings. #NatureForAll partners can also access two Webex rooms to host virtual conferences and calls with up to 100 people.  Email info@natureforall.global for details.


What is #NatureForAll?

#NatureForAll is a global movement made up of more than 400 partners whose mission is to inspire love of nature. At its core is a very simple idea: the more people experience and share their love of nature, the more support and action there will be for its conservation. The growing knowledge base that links connecting with and caring for nature is an important part of #NatureForAll.  For more information, visit www.natureforall.global

How do I use the resource database?

Content in the database can be searched through 7 different attributes: type of resource, partner name, focus area, audience, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, country and language.

Check out this short video that will help you navigate through the Discovery Zone.

How do I get my content posted here?

If you are a #NatureForAll partner or a member of one of the IUCN committees, you can submit content via this online form. To become a #NatureForAll partner, click here.

How can I get my event included on the Discovery Zone calendar?

Share your event by filling out this online form. It will be posted in the Discovery Zone calendar and we will aim to share it on #NatureForAll social media platforms. Submissions should be made at least one week prior to the event taking place.

Who can share content on this site?

Content on the Discovery Zone comes from #NatureForAll partners and IUCN committee members. If you aren’t a #NatureForAll partner, you can join by filling out this online form. Once approved, you’ll be able to share content and events as well.

What content can my organization share?

Content available on the Discovery Zone should inspire others and help them experience, connect with and learn about nature. They can be in any language, for any audience and in any format, such as activity sheets, coloring books, augmented reality games, videos, webinars, lesson plans and even full curriculums. 

How do I use the chat room?

To use the chat room, simply type in a username in the “set a username” field and click join room. You can then begin chatting in any of the rooms by clicking on the headings in the “Channels” menu. No password is required! Simply type in your message in the box at the bottom of the page (where it says “type a message”) and click on the blue and white icon on the right.

If you do not logout after you are done, the next time you visit the chatroom, your username may still be there.

You can “claim an account”, which allows you to set a profile picture, get notifications and use the same account across various chat rooms. Simply click on “claim profile” under your name and fill in the fields. From that point on, you will be able to use this username and password to access the chat room.

To share a file within one of the chatrooms, simply click on the paper clip icon and select the file you want to share.

By using the #NatureForAll chat room, you agree to abide by these terms.

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