Duke Lemur Center | Working With Fossils 101

Oct 8, 2020  10:00 - Oct 6, 2020 10:45

(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time

Event URL:  https://www.exploringbytheseat.com/lesson/duke-lemur-center-working-fossils-101/
Hosted by: Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants

Karie is the Fossil Preparator at the Duke Lemur Center’s Division of Fossil Primates. She carefully uncovers fossils from the rock they are encased in, makes them sturdier, and puts broken pieces back together. She can also make realistic copies of fossils for museum display. In this live demo, Karie will share the methods used by fossil preparators to get fossils of extinct animals ready for study. Dr. Matt Borths will also be on the scene to help guide the video while Karie works on fossils!

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