One planet, One Health, One Future 2020

Nov 17, 2020  

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Hosted by: Wildlife Conservation Society

Last October, the German Federal Foreign Office and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) co-hosted the One Planet, One Health, One Future event in the Foreign Office building in Berlin. Co-hosts Minister of State Mr. Niels Annen and WCS President & CEO Dr. Cristián Samper endorsed the Berlin Principles on One Health, which were launched at the event. Event speakers and participants warned of the dire impact on our global society if we kept ignoring the interconnected issues relevant to human, animal and environmental health – also known as the One Health approach.

A few months later, the COVID-19 pandemic gave a wake-up call for the global community. The ongoing global health crisis has highlighted the close connections with non-traditional security issues, including wildlife trade for human consumption, as well as the biodiversity and climate crises.

This year’s conference builds on the Berlin Principles to identify how to move forward. Over five sessions, we will highlight and elaborate on what One Health looks like in practice and how to operationalize it, whilst also working to prevent future zoonotic pandemics. We will discuss some of the realities and experiences on the ground in Africa, Asia, and Latin America; and explore how trans-sectoral, multilateral cooperation can serve to reduce the risk of future zoonotic pandemics, and promote a healthy future and recovery.

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