World Urban Parks Congress 2020

Nov 23, 2020  

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Hosted by: World Urban Parks

The Parks for All Congress seeks to bring together park professionals, their many partners and affiliates, and engaged citizens under a shared goal. The hope is that we may align our efforts and achieve more together.

The Parks Vision for Tirana, Albania, is centred around the concept of Parks for All and Tirana is the best park incubator in the world—it is a place where you can experience firsthand on a city-wide scale how to dramatically modernize a city with a focus on people and nature. This year’s theme for the World Urban Park Congress is Parks for All which reflects the vision and drive of Tirana’s people and as a result, is a rare example for those involved in cities and urban parks to explore bold, best practices first-hand within an emerging city.

Registration is required. There are fees to attend.

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