Jan 8, 2021  

Event URL:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1327801064242575
Hosted by: Girl Gone Good

We think trees are neat. Apparently the @ncc_ccn does as well since they designated 150 remarkable trees in our capital region. Did you know this? They have plaques and everything. And did you realize that hugging a tree releases the same hormones that leave us feeling calm and relaxed?! Even as little as 2hrs a week in nature is associated with an increase in overall wellbeing. I mean, we can’t hug each other right now, but you betcha we can hug a tree for health’s sake. #gohugatreenotme #pandemiclife


1. CAPTURE a picture of you hugging a tree (in your yard, the park, or local trail).
2. POST to Instagram with #gohugatreenotme in your post/comments.
3. TAG @ottawaadventurer, @hikeaddicts, and myself, @girl.gone.good in your post.
4. SHARE an eco-insight about the tree or the area in your post.

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