Protecting Lemurs During a Crisis: Malagasy Scientists at the Forefront of Lemur Conservation

Jan 21, 2021  13:00 - Jan 19, 2021 13:45

(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time

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Hosted by: Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants

Lemurs are native to the island of Madagascar. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Madagascar has suffered from an economic crisis that is driving deeper poverty and famine. Lemurs depend on forests for their habitats. Forests are also highly important for people living near them for materials to build their homes, land for farming, and a source of food from hunting wild animals. In this talk, DLC-SAVA Conservation coordinator James Herrera will describe the results from a recent expedition to a remote rainforest where Malagasy scientists searched for some of the world's most endangered primates. The team also learned a lot about the people's needs, and the solutions they envision for a sustainable future for both people and lemurs.

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