Chad Bonin | Exploring the Deep with Marine Robotics

Nov 12, 2021  14:00 - 14:45

(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time

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Hosted by: Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants

Endurance22 Expedition sub-sea team member and AUV expert Chad Bonin has spent a career finding and mapping things that are deep underwater. He's part of an elite team that will be using state-of-the-art marine robotics to search for Sir Ernest Shackleton's sunken ship, Endurance, 10,000 feet beneath the surface of the ice-cold Weddell Sea in the Antarctic this winter. Chad recently returned from Toulon, France, where the Endurance22 Expedition sub-sea team conducted deep-water tests with a combined AUV/ROV unit. Following that, they simulated an ice camp, practicing deploying marine robotics through holes in meters-thick ice as they expect to do at the sink site of Endurance. Let's check-in with Chad and see how it all went!

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