Indigenous Women's Leadership: The Trailblazers of Conservation

Mar 8, 2022  13:00 - 15:00

(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time

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Hosted by: Conservation through Reconciliation Partnership

This intergenerational discussion will explore the contributions of fearless Indigenous women who have forged a path before us, who are currently leading the way, and who are shaping the future of Indigenous conservation leadership.

As shared by CRP Leadership Circle member, Marilyn Baptiste, “Women in leadership is vital as we carry many responsibilities. Carrying the protections of our children first and foremost comes with being the water bearer, from the water in our womb to the water of Mother Earth’s womb”.

Indigenous women hold knowledge that is critically important if we are going to bring ourselves back into balance with Earth Woman, our mother. The future of conservation lies in the knowledge of Indigenous women and their ability to practice and sit within their communities. We are grateful to Marilyn Baptiste and Elder Marilyn Capreol for sharing these teachings (Read more).

This dialogue will explore stories of breaking barriers, activating change, and asserting responsibilities to protect, restore, and reinvigorate the gifts of Earth Mother for current and future generations.

Moderated by: Valérie Courtois (Director, Indigenous Leadership Initiative)

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