James Raffan | Ice Walker

Mar 24, 2022  13:00 - 13:45

(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time

Event URL:  https://www.exploringbytheseat.com/lesson/james-raffan-writer-explorer/
Cost:  Free
Hosted by: Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants

Why Do Polar Bears Have Long Noses? Before turning to a life of writing and exploration, Dr. James Raffan started his academic career studying polar bear vision. And since those heady days in the 1970s, when he worked in a lab setting at the University of Guelph, he has spent 40+ years learning from polar bears in the wild and from the northern peoples who know them best. From his most recent book, Ice Walker, he takes you into the beguiling world of polar bear behaviour, anatomy and physiology to ponder why polar bears have long noses.

James is a writer, teacher, geographer and adventurer. He has written more than 20 books, including Circling the Midnight Sun, Emperor of the North and Summer North of Sixty. In Ice Walker, he asks readers to look at the Arctic through the eyes of a polar bear named Nanu and her family. Climate change is impacting the Arctic, where Nanu's family has lived and hunted for generations. The bear must figure out how to find food and shelter for her family, where precious ice is melting rapidly and everything is changing.

James Raffan | Ice Walker
March 24th @ 1:00pm eastern
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