White Shaman tour with the Witte Museum

Mar 17, 2022  10:00 - 14:00

(GMT -6:00) Central Time

Location:  Seminole Canyon State Park
Event URL:  https://familiesinnature.org/events/#!event/register/2022/3/17/white-shaman-tour-with-the-witte-museum
Cost:  24$
Hosted by: Families in Nature

Tour of the White Shaman Site:

Texas has more rock art than almost anywhere else in North and South America. And the White Shaman site is one of the richest examples that tells the story of some of America's earliest inhabitants. The images help us understand how people lived, hunted, and gathered plants, as well as giving us insight into what people believed spiritually and how these factors shaped their culture. 

Families in Nature has been given the rare opportunity for a private tour of the White Shaman site on Thursday, March 17th at 11am with the Witte Museum. The site is located in Seminole Canyon State Park. This incredible state park is closest to Del Rio and Lake Amistad.


This trip is a day event only. You will need to make arrangements to camp or stay in a hotel near the park on your own as FIN staff will not be able to host a group camping trip as part of this daytime event. The best places to camp nearby are at Seminole Canyon State Park (you need to make reservations immediately), or in the first come, first served camping areas around Lake Amistad on the Lower Pecos. 

The trip will be guided by the Witte Museum and FIN director, Heather Kuhlken

Driving directions and where to meet in the park will be sent out to registrants the week before the tour. For questions, you can email heather@familiesinnature.org. 

(photo by the Witte Museum)

AGES 12 and up only

VenueSeminole Canyon State Park
AddressComstock TX 78837, US
StartsThu Mar 17 2022, 10:00am CDT
EndsThu Mar 17 2022, 02:00pm CDT
Adult$2412344 left
Child - age 12 and older only$2412344 left

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