We As Nature with environmental anthropologist Lydia Gibson

Mar 31, 2022  13:00 - 14:00

Event URL:  https://flourishingdiversity.com/events/we-as-nature-with-environmental-anthropologist-lydia-gibson/
Hosted by: Flourishing Diversity

We As Nature is a monthly online gathering harnessing the power of personal storytelling to deepen connections with nature.

This month we are delighted to have environmental anthropologist Lydia Gibson joining us as the We As Nature storyteller.

After years of teaching in London, Lydia came to see that her efforts needed to be redirected and that for a plant to bear fruit, it’s essential to heal the root. Leaving her teaching job, Lydia set out to understand what was needed for diasporic Black and Caribbean communities to connect to their heritage and culture. She had a hunch that it had something to do with place. Her journey led her to the forests of Jamaica where, through the intricacies of participant research, she found herself tangled in the lessons of duty, reciprocity, and the complexities of community.

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