Erden Eruc | Live From the Philippines

Apr 1, 2022  09:00 - 09:45

(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time

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Hosted by: Exploring By The Seat of Your Pants

Erden Eruc has completed his solo row across the Pacific!!! After leaving Crescent City, California on the 21st of June, 2021, Erden has been rowing his way across the Pacific, with a mission to become the first person to row across the Pacific north of the equator. Along the way, raising awareness about plastic pollution and the overall health of the ocean. It will be the first ever mainland-to-mainland crossing of the Pacific Ocean between the Americas and Asia.

We've had many connections along the way, including in California before departing, after his arrival in Hawaii, several events live from the Pacific using his satellite phone and in Guam.

Erden will be in Philippines as he assesses the next phase of the journey, heading to Mt. Everest! Join in with your classes for a recap of the journey and to ask some questions about what it's like to be rowing across the massive Pacific in a 21 foot rowboat!

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