The Dance of the Prairie-Chicken

Apr 22, 2022  07:00 - 08:00

(GMT -6:00) Central Time

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Hosted by: The Nature Conservancy

Join The Nature Conservancy in Missouri and the Missouri Department of Conservation on Earth Day for a virtual webinar LIVE from Dunn Ranch Prairie in northwest Missouri.

Each spring, the state-endangered greater prairie-chickens make their way to the historic lek, or courtship grounds at Dunn Ranch to put on a show and find a mate. Their unique “booming” calls and wild dances are a sight to see.

We will be joined by Steve Buback, a natural history biologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation, and Kent Wamsley, the grasslands and sustainable agriculture strategy manager with The Nature Conservancy in Missouri.

Steve and Kent will discuss the history of the prairie-chickens on Missouri’s landscape, their challenges today and why their annual display for a mate draws so much attention. During the webinar you will see live footage from our prairie cam on the lek.

Come with questions and enjoy the show!

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