Placemaking: You need to turn everything upside down, to get from inadequate, to extraordinary

May 31, 2022  11:00

(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time

Event URL:
Hosted by: 8 80 Cities

Guest: Fred Kent. Founder of the placemaking movement, Project for Public Spaces, The Social Life Project, The Placemaking Fund and PlacemakingX. Renowned international changemaker.

A Walk in the Park with Gil is a bi-weekly WebTalk series which focuses on great city parks and/or city park systems and/or topics related to parks such as trees o mobility to the park.
It always has fascinating guests do a 20 minute presentation, a story with lots of images, and then he has a dialogue with them and takes questions from participants.
You can register to future sessions and access to all previous at

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