We As Nature with Regenerative Economist Della Duncan

May 19, 2022  19:00 - 20:00

(GMT +1:00)

Event URL:  https://flourishingdiversity.com/events/we-as-nature-with-regenerative-economist-della-duncan/?mc_cid=f579d5c734&mc_eid=77b256cc
Hosted by: Flourishing Diversity

After training in traditional economics, Della was drawn to the importance of addressing the upstream causes of economic inequality. Through an exploration of mindfulness, she was introduced to the work of Buddhist Scholar Joanna Macy and began to embody mindfulness “off the mat”, and engage in spiritual activism. An idea sparked in her: What would an exploration of economics look like through an ecological lens?

This led Della to study economics for transition – connecting ecology, consciousness, and systems change with the world of economics. Through her professional and personal experiences, she learned that shifting indicators of success and measures of wealth can lead to ways of living that are connected to the whole. This flipping of perspective is a critical shift for reducing inequality and addressing climate change and forms the bedrock of Della’s work in the world.

In this We As Nature event, Della will share her story of how she came to see herself mirrored in nature and the realisation that if we are nature, then we are all collectively contributing to what we are seeing in the world.

Following the 20-minute story, participants are invited to stay and connect with 2-3 other attendees in a breakout room to share reflections and sparks of inspiration. In this way, we hope to create an opportunity for spontaneous conversations to arise – just as they might at in-person events!

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