Healing Earth: the Nature of Living Diversity

Jun 17, 2022  20:00

(GMT +1:00)

Event URL:  https://flourishingdiversity.com/events/healing-earth-a-dialogue-between-jerome-lewis-and-dawn-hill-adams-about-the-nature-of-li
Hosted by: Flourishing Diversity

Jerome Lewis, Flourishing Diversity Co-Founder and Anthropologist, invites you to join an open dialogue with Choctaw scientist Dawn Hill Adams of Tapestry Institute, to explore some of the ways biocultural diversity serves systems in desperate need of healing.

This live dialogue invites attendees into an Indigenous way of thinking and being that perceives no gap between humans and nature, or between spirit and matter, but that instead emphasises living relationships of many different kinds as the ground state from which life, renewal, and healing emerge.

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