Brent Toderian - Density vs Nature in Cities? No More False Choices.

Jun 28, 2022  11:00

(GMT -4:00) Eastern Time

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Hosted by: 8 80 Cities

Too often urban density and urban green/nature are positioned as opposing each other, but the opposite is true. Good urban density, or what I call “density done well,” doesn’t push out nature — it supports, protects, and even integrates nature.
“People density” is good for the environment and critical to mitigating the climate crisis, but there IS a kind of density that DOES push out nature and make green city-building impossible — car density, whether the cars use gas or electricity.
His talk will focus on elements of green city-building, not as a radical concept, but as a pragmatic and completely doable rethink that’s imperative for our cities.

Brent Toderian is a nationally and internationally respected practitioner and thought-leader on cities and city-building, with over 30 years of experience in advanced urbanism, city planning, urban design, transportation and change management. Over the last 10 years since returning to consulting practice, he has advised and collaborated with cities, states, agencies and best-practice developers around the world, including the cities of Auckland, Brisbane, Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, Gold Coast, Goteborg, Groningen, Helsinki, Limerick, Medellin, New York, Oslo, Perth, Rotterdam, and Sydney, and in Canada the cities of Abbotsford, Burlington, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Kingston, London, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Ottawa, Regina, Surrey, and Vancouver.

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