Can Geo Talks presents: Glaciologist Anna Crawford

Nov 3, 2022  19:00

(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time

Location:  50 Sussex Dr
Event URL:
Hosted by: Canadian Geographic

The ice shelves of northern Nunavut are sentinels of climate change. The vast Ellesmere Ice Shelf that once fringed the northwest coast of Ellesmere Island has dwindled in extent, its remnants existing as individual, thick ice masses affixed to portions of coastline. Glaciologist Anna Crawford describes how one such remnant, the Milne Ice Shelf, experienced a severe break-up event after the ice shelf lost its protective barrier of sea ice in July 2020. This past summer, a team of eight bore witness to the evolution of the Milne Fiord that resulted from the alarming incident that played out two years earlier. As a member of that team, Crawford details the objectives and challenges of the visit to the northernmost island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and documents the loss of a rare Arctic ecosystem. Join us for an evening of storytelling and imagery of the unique and evolving cryoscapes of the Canadian Arctic.

Free but pre-registration is required.

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