IUCN WCPA Awards Ceremony and #NatureForAll Love Fest Launch Livestream

Feb 6, 2023  17:00 - 19:00

(GMT -7:00) Pacific Time

Event URL:  https://natureforall.global/love-fest/
Hosted by: IUCN WCPA / #NatureForAll

Are you ready for the #NatureForAll Love Fest? The Love Fest official launch is happening in Vancouver on February 6th during the IUCN WCPA Awards Ceremony!

This event will bring together IUCN WCPA, IUCN CEC, and CCIUCN members alongside nature lovers from around the world with special guest and renowned Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki!

Learn more about the #NatureForAll Love Fest and all the events taking place and watch the ceremony live on February 6th at 5pm PST

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