Accountability in Community Consultation and Impact Measurement

Mar 8, 2023  15:00 - 16:30

(GMT -4:00) Eastern Time

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Hosted by: Park People

The diverse communities served by parks and public spaces hold incredible knowledge about their own lived experiences, wants, and needs. However, it can be complicated for outside placemakers – including governing bodies and NGOs – to access that knowledge in a way that feels equitable, respectful, and beneficial for all.

When working with communities, it’s critical that we hold ourselves accountable to them at every stage of placemaking: from consultation to impact measurement. How can we better empower communities to set their own terms, and how can we stick to them? What information do we gather, how, and to what ends? How can we be more accountable to, and better advocates for, community partners? 

Join this webinar to meet community leaders and advocates, creatives, placemakers, and educators from across North America as they address the real challenges and exceptional opportunities within community consultation and impact measurement

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