International Conference - Naturalized Playspaces for Children

Sep 20, 2023  

Location:  São Paulo
Event URL:
Hosted by: International School Grounds Association

For the first time in Latin America, Brazil hosts the "International Conference - Naturalized Playspaces for Children", an event that aims to stimulate outdoor learning and play, encouraging the movement for formal and non-formal educational environments even more connected with nature.
The conference also aims to convene experts from different fields of knowledge - education, architecture, health, and arts - who work in both public and private institutions and believe that nature contributes to fostering physical and mental health as well as well-being for all.
The meeting will bring Brazilian experiences and dialogue with proposals developed in other countries in a partnership between the International School Grounds Alliance (ISGA), the Children and Nature program, an initiative from Alana Institute, and the Social Service of Commerce (Sesc).

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