From Eco-Anxiety to Eco-Action: Educator Strategies to Support Students

Apr 24, 2023  

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Hosted by: Earth Rangers

Classroom Strategies for Channelling Students’ Environmental Concerns into Empowerment

A New Micro Credential from Earth Rangers

Eco-anxiety is a relatively new term that you may have heard before. It sounds serious and even a little scary. While eco-anxiety is not an official diagnosable disorder, it is still very real. But what is it exactly? Eco-anxiety includes feelings of worry, fear, and even despair that someone experiences as a result of their exposure to the realities of climate change, biodiversity loss, and other environmental problems.

Many factors, such as systemic oppression, acute or generational trauma and exposure to the impacts of climate change effect how kids experience and react to the climate crisis. The goal of this course is to help educators develop tools and tactics to make their classrooms a safe and empowering place for all children to to address the environment head-on and transform feelings of anxiety into positive environmental action.

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