Jungle Connections – Exploring our Connections to the Tropical Rainforest

May 23, 2023  09:00 - 09:45

(GMT -4:00) Eastern Time

Event URL:  https://www.exploringbytheseat.com/lesson/jungle-connections-exploring-connections-tropical-rainforest/
Hosted by: Exploring By The Seat Of Your Pants

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, we are all connected to Tropical Rainforests. In this session we take a tour of some of the rainforest plants that sustain us by providing us with food and drinks, medicines and cosmetics, timber and other non-food products. We also touch on some of the other, less tangible ways in which rainforests underpin our survival on earth for example by creating weather patterns, regulating the earth’s climate, providing flood protection and so on (ecosystem services). We end by considering how we can all be part of the solution when it comes to rainforest conservation.

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