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A principled approach to environmental governance can provide the cement for a new and more united world that would better protect our planet and humankind. An agreement on fundamental principles would strengthen the implementation of existing conventions. In 2022, States could adopt a political declaration that would revive the idea of a Global Pact in the context of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Stockholm Conference.
Dec 20th, 2021

Human rights can help overcome the Achilles heel of international environmental law—the absence of effective enforcement mechanisms and the resulting lack of accountability. In the short-term, the goal is universal recognition of the right to a healthy environment through resolutions of the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly. In the medium term, the right should be incorporated into a legally binding global instrument, such as the Global Pact for the Environment first proposed by France or a Third International Covenant. Ultimately, the right should be added to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Dec 20th, 2021

Consciousness, imagination and thoughtfulness. Three states of mind needed to tackle today’s environmental crises. Consciousness because we need to be aware of the environmental problems if we are to solve them. Imagination because we need to rethink how we can solve the environmental problems. Thoughtfulness because we need reflection and deliberation in the implementation of environmental law and governance.
Dec 20th, 2021

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